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Ford Drives Sales with a Facebook Ad Campaign

Ford Facebook Ad Campaign ETA 2014
Brand: FORD
Year: 2014

Car purchases are a big deal, so when you’re a car company targeting consumers that are on the fence about your brand, it may be hard to get them in the seat to check out your vehicles. Ford’s EcoBoost Challenge, a national test-drive campaign, sought to provide a nice, but limited, incentive for consumers in exchange for a ride—$50. That’s right. Cha-ching!

While this is certainly a generous offer, it also lent itself to some rich and reliable metrics and data for Ford based on who accepted the offer and where, and on the information gleaned from a campaign registration form that was part of the process to redeem the credit. And Ford had a specific target in mind: the qualified shoppers in the Great Lakes Region, a region where car loyalty runs deep.

To do this, Ford turned to digital media and Facebook, specifically. Several technologies needed to be leveraged to sift out the most qualified shoppers, convert and deliver leads in real-time to dealerships and do so while eliminating “hacking” practices and sharing, in an open space like Facebook.

Using Pin Point technology and Facebook data partners (Polk, a company that brings offline auto data to online ad targeting; and Datalogix, a consumer purchase-data supplier), Ford’s team started by leveraging a proprietary mix of geography, interests, offline behavior and vehicle ownership. The approach targeted Ford owners as well as non-Ford owners. Custom ads were then developed and matched and optimized to attract and convert targets, and then the offer was served up exclusively to the desired target’s news feed.

Once consumers clicked on the offer in their news feeds, they were “tagged” and as responses came in, analytics told the program team whether they came from one of Ford’s targets or from someone trying to abuse the promotion. If the “tagged” user was determined to be qualified, they were sent to a registration page where, after filling out a profile, they received a $50 promo code in their email inbox.

The strategy behind Ford’s PinPoint Social campaign proved a few points: Upfront data and targeting tools are key to executing a digital ad campaign on open social platforms like Facebook; and, data collection today doesn’t ever have to begin on-site in the face-to-face environment. By developing an enticing and clickable digital campaign, you can generate meaningful insights and drive sales with a friendly call to action and a sweet incentive.

All told, the geo-targeting on Facebook reached more than 750,000 consumers in the Great Lakes Ford Region, captured and delivered more than 6,000 leads to dealers, generated more than 1,500 qualified test drives and led to 741 new Ford sales within 45 days—a figure seven times higher than goal.

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