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Ford Drives Lead-Gen on Lifestyle Events Tour

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Brand: FORD
Year: 2007

The Ford Experience visited 25 lifestyle events across the country—including racing, football, golf, music, automotive and cultural events—aiming for attendees who already owned Fords or would be open to buying one.

With branded 53-foot trailers creating the perimeter, the environment offered product-focused consumer activities and contests emphasizing product benefits. To draw visitors, Ford sent guerrilla marketing teams throughout the venues to distribute fliers mentioning the contests and activities, and the chance to win $40,000 toward the purchase of any Ford vehicle.

Visitors were encouraged to register upon entry in exchange for a wristband coded with a unique ID, and reps asked whether they wanted to receive additional information from the automaker. Either way, activities inside were geared toward getting guests to request contact from Ford. (To make that happen, attendees could run the wristband through a scanner after completing each activity. Data was merged electronically with each guest’s initial registration and later loaded into Ford’s fulfillment system.)

Interactives included a “frame game,” where participants tried to match pieces of truck frames from a Ford F-150 and a few rival makes with the correct brand name, while an emcee called the action. An instant-win game let guests sit inside each vehicle—Ford highlighted a specific model based on the event’s audience demographics—and scan their wristbands for a prize. Other product-focused activities featured the Fusion and the Escape Hybrid SUV.

Ford collected 15 percent more leads than it projected, and converted 52 percent of engagements to leads—among the best conversions ever recorded by a Ford marketing initiative.

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