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For Swisspers, a Provocative Campaign with Lasting Results

Swisspers Sleep Naked Campaign
Year: 2013

Many a brand has used a provocative word or two to get a quick burst of attention. Sex sells, after all. But most campaigns fizzle out after the initial shock factor wears off. Swisspers, a brand of cotton rounds used to remove makeup, bucked the trend when it leveraged its Sleep Naked campaign across social media and put its little-known product on women’s radar in a way that had lasting impact.

The brand invited five women with influential social networks to go “naked” (without makeup, that is) and then tweet about it for charity. Each woman teased their photos for a week via their own social spheres, and then Swisspers revealed each woman’s makeup-free photo on its Facebook page during a virtual event called National Sleep Naked Night. Six beauty bloggers added to the excitement by hosting a party on Twitter, simultaneously talking about it on Facebook and then engaging with the five influencers as they joined the conversation. The Twitter hashtag #sleepnaked immediately began trending and thousands visited the Swisspers Facebook page.

After the event, fans voted and shared in support of their favorite “naked” lady for two-and-a-half weeks. Celebrity friends of the women also campaigned via their own social media accounts.

The three-week effort helped the brand jump from 250 to 21,000 Facebook “likes,” and earned 74 million impressions and a ton of hits in the celebrity media. More than 40,000 consumers voted for their favorite competitor, and the Global Down Syndrome Foundation walked away with $10,000.

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