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Five-Story Audi Soccer Scoreboard Features A8s

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Brand: AUDI
Year: 2015

Anyone with a pulse knows that, every four years, World Cup soccer dominates a significant portion of the planet’s TV screens during its 30-day run. Aiming to capitalize on the global obsession, Audi set out to capture New York City’s (and through social media, the world’s) attention by creating an LED scoreboard that projected the scores of World Cup soccer matches throughout a four-week installation.

Recognizing that executing the stunt in popular Manhattan locations like Times Square or Central Park was out of its budget range, Audi sought a private venue across the East River that could display the scoreboard to the maximum amount of viewers, using shipping containers. The brand found just what it was looking for in the form of a Brooklyn-based crane company whose shoreline location was ideal, and whose services were retained to stack the massive containers (talk about convenience).

After the location was locked down, the build began. The final product encompassed a nine-row grid of shipping containers, stacked five high, which stood more than 40 feet tall. A brand new Audi A8 with its headlights on sat inside each open-ended container, which also displayed vivid red backlighting. The resulting configuration resembled a digital clock and was arranged in such a way that the vehicles’ collective headlamps could write game scores, LED style.

But one challenge remained. Ensuring that the central computer would remain on in each of the 28 vehicles being used throughout the activation was critical. (And you thought stringing up lights on a Christmas tree was frustrating.) Ultimately, with the implementation of an app developed by Moey Inc., lighting schematics were solidified and Audi was able to broadcast World Cup game scores to soccer addicts across Manhattan while maintaining remote access to the system in the event that an update was needed.

With the help of key media outlets like Adweek and Ad Age tweeting about the stunt to hundreds of thousands of followers, Audi ultimately earned a total of more than 29 million media impressions.

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