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Everyday People Drive Levi’s Brand Advocacy Program

Levis 2012 Book Ad Campaign
Brand: LEVI'S
Year: 2011

When Levi’s was looking to connect with millennial women, it selected up-and-comers in the fields of fashion, music, art and social change to form a community of like-minded women across the globe.

The Shape What’s To Come campaign involved 50 women from the U.S., U.K. and Japan who kept journals about how they are shaping the future and who inspired them along the way. Their stories were presented as part of Levi’s sponsorship of the first TEDWomen conference in Washington, D.C., where a documentary film showcased eight of the contributors. (For year two, the campaign moved to India, where Levi’s once again selected game-changing millennial women to keep journals before presenting their stories at another TED event, TEDGlobal in Edinburgh.)

Finding the right influencers was key to the program’s success and authenticity. The process began with well-connected reps in selected markets working their networks to identify influencers who matched the brand’s psychographic and demographic target—which meant that hand-raisers who were likely to volunteer for such a program were almost always excluded.

Prospects were then carefully screened to ensure that they were genuinely passionate about the brand and that they would bring robust social and professional networks to the table. Influencers were never engaged for a second initiative, and they weren’t paid for their efforts. Although some of the Indian participants got to attend the Edinburgh conference.

Said Michael Perman, senior director of global marketing at Levi’s: “If we associate ourselves with the right people, people who have integrity and who are doing original work, who are innovative, and are expressing themselves in a useful, change-making manner, that’s good for our brand.”

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