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Event Savvy Helps Compuware Bridge the Continents

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Agency: IN HOUSE
Year: 2012

Compuware’s global user conference was a virtual event that reached more than 30 countries, including India, Mauritius, Mexico and Sri Lanka. The biggest challenge was the ’round-the-clock schedule needed to serve up an event to par- ticipants on multiple continents, but Compuware was up to the task—and the company figured out some other tricks of the trade for pulling off a truly global virtual conference.

Compuware kicked off its program in Australia’s time zone with a four-hour virtual event, before moving to Europe for four hours and the Americas for four. To help staff through the all-day affair, Compuware threw an internal live event at its Amsterdam headquarters, where it served break- fast, lunch, dinner and provided massages for the team. (The approach convinced Amsterdam staff that the experience is a can’t-miss event.)

Pulling off a “follow the sun” event means having a great deal of support from your team, and Compuware had groups scheduled for each time zone, including sales representatives and technical support. Speakers, however, presented in all three time zones.

Compuware also leveraged the value of pre-recording or replaying sessions. It solved the obvious logistical problems that come with making live content available in multiple time zones, but it also allowed Compuware to edit down the live presentations to include only the most salient discussion—the better to hold the audience’s attention. However, even when Compuware pre- sented pre-recorded sessions, the company still made every effort to have the speaker available—whatever time it was—for live Q&A.

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