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Esurance Brings Order to the Festival Experience

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Year: 2014

Anyone who has ever been to a giant outdoor music festival knows two things will inevitably happen: you will lose your friends and your phone will die. Fail.

Using NFC technology embedded in wristbands, Outside Lands sponsor Esurance offered festivalgoers a utility to enhance the experience on-site and online, ensuring that they could record memories as well as keep track of their friends. Win!

Attendees pre-registered for Insider Band wristbands on a custom branded microsite in the weeks before the festival. They then picked up their wristbands, which were tethered to their Facebook accounts, at the Esurance booth on-site. At any of eight 14-foot tap towers located throughout the grounds, festivalgoers could tap the band to take a photo. Photos could be immediately uploaded or saved to a “Digital Memory Bank” to access and share from a microsite after the event. Festivalgoers could also tap a tower to find out if they’d instantly won a cool prize, like ticket upgrades; or tap to save content such as set lists or drinks they liked at Outside Lands’ famous Beer and Wine Lands. Most conveniently, attendees could tap towers to check in at different stages, see where their friends had checked in and leave messages. Each tower featured branding, a call to action, and a screen above the “tap” button.

Alternatively, the towers enabled Esurance to increase its visibility on-site. In fact, the brand ended up being the only overarching brand at Wine and Beer Lands. The towers were frequently used as meeting points for non-Insider Band users, too. So, regardless of participation in the program, Esurance made an impression with every festivalgoer.

Ultimately, Esurance was able to drive home a key marketing message: that through its commitment to technology, it can help change how consumers purchase and manage insurance for the better. The effort also helped launch Esurance into the hot wearable tech conversation, generating buzz for Esurance in the tech community, well beyond the festival. The brand received press from Mashable twice, and from the San Francisco Chronicle, among other major news outlets.

The NFC-wristband program recorded some nine “taps” per wearer, or 18 taps per minute and 10,000 taps total per day, resulting in 1,857,000-plus social media impressions. On top of that, 66 percent of participants re-engaged with Esurance by visiting the “Digital Memory Bank” after the event—an unprecedented percentage compared to typical sponsorship opportunities that do not extend beyond the event.

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