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ESPN’s Fandom Tour Features a Sports Dream Machine

DB_ESPN_Ex 2008
Brand: ESPN
Year: 2008

To promote the expansion and relaunch of and to make Verizon broadband and FiOS customers aware that the site is free for them, ESPN kicked off the King of Fandom promotional tour. Consumers competed daily in a sports trivia contest on and the sports fan with the highest total score was awarded the King of Fandom vehicle—a tricked out sports fan’s dream machine—and $25,000 in cash to tailgate at the sporting events of their choice. The truck was custom-built and automatically lifted up and down to reveal dropdown plasma screens which could connect to, play one of ESPN’s many sports networks on satellite TV or be used to play onboard video games—all controlled in the cab with a simple touch screen interface player that operated everything on board.

The interior seats were made of baseball glove leather, a custom locker room was loaded with the winner’s favorite team gear and a sound system allowed friends and nearby tailgaters to listen in to play-by-plays, highlights and live game coverage. A real-time ESPN sports ticker on the vehicle exterior kept everyone informed of the latest scores at other games.

The winner could fire up the grill attached to the truck’s tailgate and cool down with their beverage of choice from the bar/cooler station. All items folded-up and were designed to be easily stored in the truck’s bed for a smooth transition to the next big game.

The King of Fandom was the most successful sports promotion in the history of, generating a 240 percent increase in traffic to the Verizon Surround sports site and contributing to a 40 percent increase in month-to-month traffic to among Verizon subscribers.

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