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Epson Makes a Splash with 17,000-Gallon Swim Tank

DB_Winner_Epson_EDA 2015
Brand: EPSON
Year: 2015

What’s it like to swim in ink? That was the eye-catching concept Epson leveraged to support the launch of its new inkjet printer, Epson EcoTank. And true to the product’s name, the brand activated a 17,000-gallon seamless acrylic swim tank in Times Square Plaza in New York City that played host to the U.S. National Synchronized Swim Team dressed in branded uniforms. The tank also reinforced product messaging since the printers come loaded and ready with up to two years of ink stored in “eco tanks.”

The tank itself featured cyan, magenta, black and yellow “ink” and every hour the team members performed never-before-seen routines arranged by choreographer Stephan Miermont that were also broadcast live on a large digital billboard above Times Square.

On top of the performances, attendees could take part in an interactive photo experience that let them print their photo on any number of Epson EcoTank printers. Each of the captured images was also projected onto the Times Square billboard in between the swim routines. In conjunction with the event, Staples hosted “Print All You Want” days on Epson EcoTank printers in 16 stores across the New York metropolitan area over the course of two days surrounding the September event.

This custom-made tank was 25 feet long, seven feet deep and 15 feet in diameter and weighed 170,000 pounds, requiring extensive engineering teams to ensure the tank was safe to place on the plaza. The water temperature was monitored overnight until it reached 80 degrees, the required temperature for the team to perform its routines.

The event went, ahem, swimmingly, and in addition to the on-ground-activation in the high-traffic area, the campaign garnered an additional 25 million impressions with the use of the billboards. The content captured was broadcast to the brand’s social media channels via #swimminginink and the live stream content was shared to Epson’s email database of more than one million contacts. Cannonball!

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