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Employees Celebrate PayPal’s Independence in Style

Agency: PBJS
Year: 2016

PayPal, the mobile payment platform, celebrated its launch as an independent company listed on NASDAQ with events at its offices across the globe and in New York City’s Times Square. Speeches, champagne toasts, music and GIF photo activations marked the events, which employees posted to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #PYPL. Tagboard, the social research and display platform, compiled the global celebrations and united all PayPal campuses on the historic day through digital technology. All told, the celebration generated posts from more than 10 countries and 15 global offices.

The flagship event was a two-day celebration at PayPal’s headquarters in San Jose, CA. Signage, balloons, giant banners and elevator wraps, along with live music, dance parties, gourmet catering and commemorative PYPL stock ticker t-shirts gave the office a celebratory air. A slow-motion GIF booth replicated the NASDAQ opening bell experience. Day One ended with a champagne toast and a streamer cannon shooting out hundreds of multi-colored streamers. Day Two culminated with a widely shared selfie of ceo Dan Shulman with thousands of PayPal employees.

Individual PayPal offices commemorated the historic moment with celebrations customized to the size and scope of their locations, and gifts were sent to 16,000 employees across the globe. The Tagboard display in each office displayed posts in real time so employees could celebrate simultaneously with updates from offices across continents. Creative assets made available to all offices ensured they could print signage, decorate and have premiums made in-market. A point of contact responsible for leading their office celebration also received a “PYPL Celebration Guide.”

A Listing Day celebration in New York City’s Times Square expanded the reach of the campaign, and leveraged media attention to connect with consumers and generate shareable content. The Times Square Takeover included free coffee, doughnuts and the opportunity to appear on one of Times Square’s massive screens as part of PayPal’s New Money campaign. A photo activation at the base of the NASDAQ building put their faces on “New Money” and shared the images on a Times Square billboard.

The PayPal Listing Day event was more than a celebration of PayPal’s independence from eBay, which acquired the company in 2002. The moment marked the start of a new era, a new PayPal and a new opportunity to expand its role among consumers and as a partner to merchants. But it no doubt began with the employees themselves who helped amplify the messaging through celebratory posting and camaraderie shared across offices that led to 7.3 million p.r. impressions and 2.42 million social impressions earned from Listing Day, on top of two million homepage sessions on PayPal’s website. Listing Day: Nailed it.

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