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EMC Launch Event Redefines ‘Tunnel Vision’

Brand: EMC
Year: 2014

The media, analysts, bloggers and VIPs who attended EMC’s Redefine Possible launch event knew they were in for an experience from the very beginning. Maybe it was the location—London’s historic Old Billingsgate Market, originally a fish market built in 1875 that had been transformed into a high-tech meeting space. Maybe it was the TARDIS police box at the entrance, reminiscent of the police telephone box featured in the British sci-fi TV program “Doctor Who.” From the minute they stepped through the doors, attendees were immersed in a futuristic, modern space that incorporated a dynamic audio visual experience into a digital LED bridge that transported them to EMC’s hybrid cloud.

Inspired by Arthur C. Clarke’s quote, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” the event raised the bar for future technology product launches. House band Madhen kicked off festivities before EMC’s leadership team and engineers delivered the company’s vision of the future of the industry. A live online broadcast amplified the reach to tens of thousands of online viewers from around the globe, garnering the widest exposure EMC has ever received from a large-scale product announcement.

But just as dazzling as the product launch was the event itself, which had guests enter via a tunnel structure in which a visual data stream effect on the floor and walls led to the main graphic used for the campaign—a cloud. The animated floor system, the same one used in the 2014 movie “Cuban Fury,” not only wowed attendees, it delivered the video content in the format required. A soundscape enhanced the sense of movement toward the cloud image, and the cloud itself was a large, floating scenic element, mounted on a curved wall and backlit.

3D StudioMax created the base animation for the data stream, and film effects programs gave it the necessary styling and movement effects. Five to six options were created, providing the flexibility on-site to adapt and change to ensure the highest impact of experience. Theater-grade rear-projection material covered the custom-steel tunnel structure, and a myriad of technology worked in concert behind the screens, including 30-plus automated lighting fixtures, LED floodlights, LED chasing battens, a low-power laser, smoke and haze machines and a multi-speaker sound system. The light fixtures were programmed to glow and pulse with the video content displayed on the LED floor as well as the soundscape so the three chased down the tunnel together. Each guest experienced the sound and vision movement in unison.

The result was a dramatic and memorable experience that set the tone for the rest of the event and garnered more than 800 press articles, 92 blog posts, at least 19,800 tweets and 36 million potential impressions. The event shattered all previous ROI benchmarks—and quite a few expectations.

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