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EMC Attendees Snap Giant 3D Face Mask Projection Selfies

EMC World 2015
Brand: EMC
Year: 2015

The concept of Big Data is not an easy one to wrap one’s brain around. It’s broad. It’s complex. And it’s an evolving concept that changes from one day to the next. So to help attendees at its annual EMC World 2015 conference last May in Las Vegas understand the new demands on businesses in this age of data, EMC activated an integrated technology experience centered on “Information Generation” messaging. The idea: to bring Big Data to life in a dynamic, visual and experiential way.

If you’re familiar with EMC’s award-winning LED bridge experience last year, you know that this brand likes to make an entrance. The focal point of this experience was a 30-foot high Big Face “mask” installation that displayed 3D projections of attendees’ faces. The photo op had a 45-minute wait time and attracted 2,155 participants—it was also the most tweeted attraction at the show. For another large-scale social integration, handling agency Opus used Postano’s social media aggregation and visualization platform to project a massive photo mosaic display, with social content across three networks pulling from the #RedefineYourself event hashtag.

After these engagements, attendees entered a Vortex Immersion 360-degree projection dome where they were immersed in the story of the Information Generation messaging of the conference. The experience explored how data is changing nearly every aspect of our lives as attendees were catapulted into the future for a newscast from the year 2023, and imagined life through a child’s eyes.

Outside the immersion dome, attendees engaged in a hands-on learning experience on home automation, the latest data-based medical advances, data-enabled fitness clothing and mind-control headsets (cue the sci-fi music). The exhibit area was built on a Sedna multi-touch system that allowed attendees to swipe graphics from a control pad up to a large screen to build their ideal Home of the Information Generation and score points for cloud connectivity.

In other areas of the exhibit, attendees experienced real-time fitness metrics with Athos smart clothing, learned about digestible sensors attached to pills and a mobile app revolutionizing data-based medicine with Proteus Digital. And then, they tested their EEG brainwaves and went head-to-head with each other donning Emotiv EPOC headsets to control a drag-racing game.

The point of the entire exhibit—to demonstrate the personal impact of data and the new ways it can be gathered, processed and displayed. That theme guided EMC’s technology integrations, which included 3D photography, 3D projection, multi-touch and multi-screen interactivity, electromyography, electroencephalography and biometric telemetry.

Thanks to all the tech, and that Big Face, EMC exceeded its goals for the event, recording more than 5,000 participants in the engagements and 3,487 total posts aggregated to the real-time social visualization display. Big data. Bigger results. Mind blown.

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