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Domino’s Event Immerses Deaf Community in Music Vibes

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Year: 2015

Vibes: A Night to Feel the Music brought an immersive music showcase to Austin’s deaf community. Held at The North Door, a local venue known for innovative programming that “feeds the soul,” that is what this event did in more ways than one.

Held for the deaf and hard-of-hearing between the two weekends of Austin City Limits, the multi-sensory concert provided students, staff, alumni and families of the Texas School for the Deaf a musical experience that transcended sound by incorporating vibrations and dynamic light displays synchronized to music. The venue was outfitted with a special wood floor that reacted to low-frequency speakers arranged throughout the space to create vibrations the audience could feel. LED bracelets worn by attendees flashed to the beat of the music, along with beach balls and balloons that further amplified the vibrations. LCD screens captured and displayed real-time social media content so concertgoers could engage in conversation throughout the night; a photo booth kiosk provided an opportunity for photo ops and sharing.

The live-streamed concert featured some of Austin’s most celebrated acts, including rock band Quiet Company, hip-hop duo Riders Against the Storm and electronic trio The Shears. Texas School for the Deaf alumnus Russell Harvard, most recently recognized for his role on the FX series “Fargo,” and widely known in the deaf community, served as lead music interpreter, performing the lyrics and engaging the audience in the full meaning of every song. A “Sound of Tangibility” device was demoed so attendees could further “feel” downloaded music through vibration technology via Bluetooth; the devices were sent to some of the live stream viewers, so they could feel the vibes, too.

Domino’s served pizza throughout the night and awarded a $10,000 grant to the school. Since the event there have been requests to bring these good vibes to additional cities throughout the U.S. and beyond.

Social and p.r. impressions totaled more than 1.5 million; of those, earned media gained approximately 1.3 million impressions through local outlets. Nearly two-thirds of the 300 attendees tweeted and one-half posted through Instagram.

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