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Dew Tour Features Live Streamed Twitter Chats

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Year: 2013

There are some celebrity-athletes that are so charismatic and consistently amazing in their competitive sports that they never lose traction with their fans or the brands that sponsor them. Shaun White is one of those athletes (and we can attest to that—we saw a gaggle of teenage girls follow him all over Vancouver at the Olympics two years ago). So to make a bigger splash as part of its sponsorship of the 2013 Dew Tour, Stride Gum partnered with White through its “A Little Bit Epic Interview” program.

The brand wanted to leverage White’s perennial popularity and its partnership with him, but needed to bring the messaging to as many consumers as possible in a way that made him feel accessible. To do so, the brand developed a strategy that invited consumers to tweet questions to White that he would answer through a live streamed video event. The video was available for viewing both on and live on-site on Jumbotrons scattered throughout Ocean City, MD. The interview and Twitter feed were all produced in real time. also included the Twitter feed of questions to #ShaunStride. In order to cast the widest possible net and draw in the greatest possible number of participants, the brand made sure to activate in the best possible locations rather than trying to direct the audience to visit a destination they ordinarily wouldn’t. For the Shaun White Interview, the brand was able to make use of the embedded streaming video player on the Dew Tour site and the tour’s accompanying Twitter feed. Stride worked with the Dew Tour to create an engaging custom experience for Stride Gum on its page, overlaying its Stride and Shaun White branding over the site wherever possible. During the event, Dew Tour’s live streaming video player transformed into a fully branded Stride broadcast. The Dew Twitter feed changed over, too, to track and showcase all the tweets being fed to the #ShaunStride hashtag during the live interview. Signage in and around the Dew Tour experience advertised the interview and promoted the hashtag, #StrideShaun. In addition, web banners on the Dew Tour site drove to the live interview event. The biggest challenge for the brand was making as many of its consumers as possible feel like Stride Gum was giving them access to one of the biggest action sports stars of our time. Taking over the Dew Tour streaming player and Twitter feed allowed the brand to accomplish that goal.

The Twitter feed was integral in that consumers felt as though they were really hanging out with Shaun White. By tweeting to the hashtag they had a chance of getting their questions answered live in real time. The streaming video player was also a critical piece because it gave consumers the assurance that this was a real experience in which they were participating, and not something handled by someone other than Shaun himself, or something edited. In the 45-minute span of the live interview, the results exceeded the brand’s expectations. Jumbotrons at the venue streamed the interview live to the 90,000 Dew Tour attendees while online, more than 500 unique users watched live and more than a thousand caught it on demand later.

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