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Dew and Doritos Turn Expo into Giant Game Board

DB_EX_Pepsi PAX_2014 Ex
Agency: MOTIVE
Year: 2014

Mountain Dew and Doritos gave attendees a new way to look at the typical expo experience by turning the Seattle Convention Center into a game board consumers could explore throughout the weekend with opportunities to win hidden around every corner.

The activation brought together elements of mobile, experiential and social marketing all under a gamification-style overlay that rewarded early adopters and frontloaded participants in the program.

To drive buzz leading up to the “Every 2 Minutes” digital program, where every two minutes consumers would have the chance to win an Xbox One, PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew and Doritos brands launched a program at the gaming Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, which became the first-ever promotion to use live + digital, point-based auctions to reward participants with prizes.

Attendees were encouraged to play the game by downloading the official PAX Guidebook app and then registering within the app for the “Every 2 Minutes” on-site experience. Participants were instructed to seek out Dew and Doritos branded codes hidden throughout the PAX floor, the surrounding hotels and the city of Seattle at large. Each code had its own unique point value, with over a hundred codes in all.

Those fans who actively collected codes earned the opportunity to redeem points for a wide array of exclusive prizes at the Dew and Doritos marketplace, ranging from bottles of an unreleased Mountain Dew Game Fuel flavor and limited-edition Doritos Gamer Packs, to branded t-shirts and hoodies and high-value gaming accessories, all the way up to highly coveted four-day VIP passes for PAX 2014. Ultimately, fans were encouraged to stock up on points for a live auction event on Sunday night, during which they’d have a chance to bid on Xbox One systems, staking claim to one long before they hit shelves.

Two thousand attendees showed up to participate in the auctions, with 30 walking away winners. The auction event, hosted by professional auctioneer and gaming celebrity host John Carnage, became one of the most talked-about experiences of the entire PAX weekend—and its unique auction format got thousands ready to participate in the “Every 2 Minutes” online promotion going live a few weeks later.

More than 5,000 prizes were redeemed in the marketplace, and the program in all received 416 million impressions. There were also 2,000 unique tweets reaching over five million followers.

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