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Delta’s Social Soul Connects TED Attendees via Twitter

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Agency: MKG
Year: 2015

Instead of pairing up TED attendees through their shared love of moonlit walks on the beach, Delta created an immersive digital experience that connected like-minded conference attendees through an algorithm that analyzed their respective social streams based on their Twitter feed.

The program was designed to highlight Delta’s Innovation Class—a mentorship program that connects industry leaders with mentees by giving them the opportunity to sit next to each other on select flights. Delta aimed to replicate the concept of the program on the ground by enabling the world’s biggest movers and shakers to connect with fellow conference innovators like never before. And they called it Social Soul.

Aspiring to bring the spirit of innovation to life, Delta enlisted artists Lauren McCarthy and Kyle McDonald to create the Social Soul space. The pair fashioned a structure that resembled a giant disco ball using a 360-degree display of monitors, mirrors and sound that allowed participants to see how it feels to be inside someone else’s social media stream.

The experience started by immersing participants in their own social space with a stream of the imagery, text, video and audio from their Twitter feed and those they follow. Next, users were connected to their “Social Soul Mate”—another TED attendee with similar interests. The installation then displayed that individual’s social stream. To wrap up the experience, participants received a tweet from Delta that shared the Twitter handle of their Social Soul Mate and provided a link to learn more about Innovation Class.

The campaign ultimately generated 16 million Twitter impressions for #InnovationClass and #SocialSoul, along with 188,000 Facebook impressions. C’est l’amour.

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