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Consumers Chill at Nike’s Immersive Glacial Event

Brand: NIKE
Year: 2015

It may have been 90 degrees in Manhattan, but Nike’s September launch of its Cold Weather Collection and Therma-Sphere Max gear at SIR Stage 37 was ice-cold.

To transform the way consumers think about working out in cold weather (the added layers… you’re too hot, then you’re too cold), Nike transformed a 9,100-square-foot space into a high-tech “glacial” experience with a thermoregulation gallery, thermal wall, product displays, custom locker room and cold-weather workout room. The immersive daylong experience took place in two parts: the first half for media and the second half for select Nike+ (training club and app) members who pre-registered for the chance to be among the first consumers to get a look.

Invited media received a thermally regulated invitation hand-delivered by a brand ambassador who kept the invitation on ice until it was dropped off. Coated in heat-reactive liquid crystal, the invites were totally black when cold, but when touched, turned shades of red, blue, green and yellow to illustrate the thermal properties in the human hand. Invitees were required to confirm their spot before receiving the exact location and timing.

The experience began in the thermoregulation gallery, where attendees received an introduction to the science of thermoregulation and Nike’s solutions. Afterward, they could take photos of their silhouettes in heat vision with a live thermal camera. Next up, product displays and presentations activated by multi-sensory elements like light, fog and a recorded voiceover from Barry Spiering, director of applied apparel research at Nike.

While attendees were told the experience would involve a workout, they were not told it involved a workout in a 32-degree room. In locker rooms pre-labeled with their first name, attendees donned the Nike gear and joined Nike master trainer Frank Dolan for a 30-minute high-intensity workout. Adding dimension to the workout space was a 10-foot-tall by 35-foot-wide glacier-like 3D surface with projection-mapped imagery of cold weather and wintertime imagery that changed to reflect the physical activity of the participants. Icy, hot and effective.

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