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Comedian Blogs from AirTran Airways for Several Days

Year: 2009

Discount airline company AirTran Airways wanted to raise awareness for its low-cost, high-quality product that in addition to in-flight WiFi (via Gogo Wireless) also offers free XM Satellite Radio. Targeting price-conscience and socially savvy business and leisure travelers, the company allowed one person to live on one of its planes for one month and stay connected to friends and family through AirTran’s WiFi.

The lucky fellow was comedian and filmmaker Mark Malkoff who averaged 12- to 14-hour flying days and documented his experiences in real-time on while flying at 35,000 feet. He uploaded videos on YouTube, updated his Facebook fan page, tweeted and posted pictures on Flickr. In turn, the online community suggested ways in which Mark could pass the time. The p.r. stunt was a hit and the traditional media was all over it. On top of that, Mark became a Guinness World Record holder and AirTran became news for more than 45 straight days.

The campaign generated more than 85 million media impressions, 150,000 website clicks, 114,000 Flickr views, 11,000 Facebook fan page visits and 2,800 Twitter updates. Daily sales of Gogo WiFi exceeded all projections with usage at more than 75 percent of goal. AirTran posted record growth in the business sector in the June to August time period when the stunt took place.

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