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Teen Viewing Parties Amp Up Coke Music Sponsorship

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Year: 2012

Coca-Cola marketers knew they had to do more than traditional advertising to connect with the 13- to 18-year-old core audience of the American Music

Awards, which the soft drink sponsors. The Coca-Cola AMA MyParty program mixed in-home events with targeted in-city parties to create a more personalized experience between teens and Coca-Cola that all tied back to the AMAs.

An online portal allowed Coke to recruit participants, track registrations and measure results. For users, the platform provided a simple way to sign up, invite guests and tout their gatherings via social media. The portal also integrated with Facebook, giving party hosts the ability to build awareness among their friends. To extend the promotion’s reach, Coke took pre-show parties to teen clubs in Chicago, Las Vegas, Minneapolis and San Francisco. There, teens got to channel their inner celebrities by walking the red carpet and posing for a professional photograph.

Once the hosts were recruited, they received an exclusive party kit filled with branded merchan- dise and pizza coupons—and the first 100 hosts who registered 25 or more guests received additional swag, including an autographed photo of Ryan Seacrest or Taio Cruz, and a Target gift card. On the day of the show, the teen party hosts gathered in their homes with friends and family.

Coca-Cola recruited 1,000 hosts spanning all 50 states, and 19,605 party attendees. The online portal received 109,834 visitors, averaging more than eight minutes of dwell time. The campaign resulted in three hours on average of brand engagement at each party. Post-event surveys revealed that there was a 14 percent increase among hosts and 85 percent increase among guests who said they would drink Coca-Cola daily based on the viewing parties, and 42 percent of hosts and 46 percent of guests responded that they wouldn’t have gathered to watch the AMAs if not for this event.

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