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Coca-Cola Uses Facial Recognition for Hip ‘Love’ Events

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Year: 2011

Facial recognition technology isn’t just a cool trick from a sci-fi movie anymore. Thanks to a high-tech facial recognition event kiosk dubbed FaceLook (tied into the platform), everyday people can take a photo of themselves and use the image to log in and post directly to Facebook.

The technology might best be known to tech-savvy Facebook users as Photo Finder and Photo Tagger, which enables users to quickly find and tag photos of friends on Facebook. But the platform is quickly expanding beyond the confines of the web and into the realm of live events where it’s leveraging real-world fun to generate massive social media buzz.

One of the best examples of the year: Coca-Cola tested out the technology through a series of “Summer Love” events activated across Israel that targeted teens and utilized the cutting-edge FaceLook app to prove that the 125-year-old brand is anything but old fashioned. Prior to the events, teens registered through Facebook where they could opt in to use the app. Once they arrived at the event, they could post to their Facebook page just by looking at a FaceLook kiosk. The app’s technology works like a photo booth. Users begin the process with a few taps on the touchscreen kiosk, then they’re directed to look into the screen as it counts down from three. It then snaps the image, identifies the user and automatically posts a comment, or a branded “like” that’s related to the event.

Teens at the Summer Love event could post as many times as they wanted… and did they ever. The Summer Love program inspired tens of thousands of people to snap their image and post to Facebook while enjoying the live event. The technology brought teens together and provided an easy and intuitive way for them to share Coca-Cola’s message across their vast social networks, generating exponential buzz across Israel and the world. The FaceLook campaign wasn’t Coke’s first foray into high-tech Facebook integration.

Last year the brand activated the Coca-Cola Village where teens were challenged to collect 10 Coca-Cola caps and then bring together eight more teens who did the same in order to register online for exclusive access to the event. At the event, attendees signed up for a wristband that instantly posted the user’s status to their Facebook page every time they swiped the band at a new on-site activity. The wristband also automatically tagged all the photos taken at the Village. With an ever-expanding soft drink and energy drink market to compete in, Coca-Cola is clearly embracing emerging technologies to win the hearts and minds of its up-and-coming brand loyalists.

Facial recognition technology is more than just the “face” of the future—it’s the face of the forward-thinking brand activation strategy. So, smile… you’re on Facebook!

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