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Coca-Cola Traces Brand History with Cool Interactives

Year: 2010

The massive Coca-Cola experience had lines up to two hours long at the 2010 Winter Olympics, but those who waited were rewarded. The 8,600 square-foot Coca-Cola Pavilion experience began with high-fives on the way in from perky brand ambassadors hell-bent on making visitors happy. Next came a mini museum tour of Coke memorabilia and displays highlighting the brand’s history with the Olympics. Cool relics included original Coke bottles in glass cylinders and a circular glass case filled with torches from Coke sponsorships past. A Canadian wall of fame featured photos and well wishes from stops along the torch relay route.

After zigzagging through the past, visitors were invited into a five-tier theater for an HD movie about the brand’s 45,000 kilometer 2010 Olympic Torch Relay. The film featured personal stories from some of the torchbearers plus a look at some of the community celebrations Coke threw along the way. Once the movie ended, the wall the movie was projected on disappeared and a mist-heavy entrance gave way to a full theme-park type experience.

It began with cold Cokes in aluminum bottles dished from the ice bar and staffers cheering “welcome to happiness house” as attendees entered. Oversize coke bottles designed with tribal art were on display and in the center of the room, a giant coke bottle animated by projected images served as the central display piece. Behind the bar, a DJ spun live pop and R&B tunes, occasionally breaking in to welcome new groups or stop the music for a quick Olympic highlight video projected high above the three-story arched structure. Private VIP rooms on the second and third floor offered bird’s eye views of the action below.

Visitors played interactive games like a recycling challenge that required they use a blue recycling bin to catch as many virtual cans as they could on a big screen. At a polar bear race, fans slipped their hands into fluffy white bear paws and then paddled as fast as they could in a virtual race between icebergs. At photo activation stations, attendees posed with an Olympic torch and got a card to collect online later or at three laptop stations. Anyone who competed in a game got a sticker on their bottle which allowed them to trade in their bottle on the way out for a limited edition souvenir bottle that glows in shades of pink, green and blue. “It’s been amazing,” says Maxine Chapman, VP, Olympic Activation at Coke.

Coke didn’t miss out on any chance to generate excitement and a little bit of theater, including the moment when fans surrendered their empty aluminum coke bottle. A staffer took the aluminum bottle and dropped it in a capsule like the ones bank tellers use at the drive through. Next, she hit a button and everyone watched as it was sucked up through a maze of clear tubes into a recycling bin. As if magically, seconds later, the glowing coke bottle came back through the tube and dropped into the capsule where it was handed to the visitor. At another recycling station, fans shoved bottles through a slot and waited for their glowing bottle to pop back out. The experience was designed to promote Coke’s green initiatives, especially its commitment to generating zero waste at this year’s games, as well as its new 30 percent plant-based PlantBottle, which made its debut at the event.

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