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Coca-Cola Happiness Ambassadors Engage Canadian Teens

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Agency: MOSAIC
Year: 2014

It’s time for Coca-Cola to recruit the next generation of Canadian Coke drinkers, and the way in was last year’s Open Happiness campaign. The mission was to build brand strength through inspiring uplifting moments in peoples’ lives, so the brand deployed “happiness ambassadors” all over the country whose role was to engage teens on a one-to-one level, keep them refreshed with perfectly served samples of Coca-Cola, while seeding, inspiring and celebrating happiness. To determine success in hard numbers, the brand knew it needed to distribute 675,000 samples of Coca-Cola to teens across the Great White North and interact on a one-to-one level with 763,000 teens. Ambitious.

The resulting activations fell into three categories: The Beacon Event was the official launch of the campaign and brought one of Coke’s Canadian television spots to life at the MuchMusic Video Awards, while teens waited in line to get into the event. The Leader Experience invited three socially active and influential teens to collaborate with the brand to create an event to support a charity close to the heart of each teen. Finally, the Day-to-Day activation sent brand teams to volunteer in High River after the Calgary flood, to help clean up beaches in Vancouver and to surprise non-suspecting commuters with flowers and showcase the spirit of the Open Happiness theme.

Each of these activations was used to create digital assets for future use by the brand, and resulted in exponentially larger reach than would have otherwise been achieved. During the 12-week experiential program the brand was seen by more than two million teens, and 913,000 interacted on a one-to-one basis with Coke. The brand also met its sampling goal. We’re still thirsty. What’s next, Coke?

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