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CNN Fuels Political Participation With a Mobile Tour

Brand: CNN
Year: 2017

Amid the political whirlwind that was the 2016 presidential election, CNN aimed to get more Americans involved by making the process more social. To give more voters a chance to have their voice heard, the network teamed up with Facebook to launch a mobile political tour built for social media-fueled content creation aboard a converted Airstream trailer dubbed the “Campaign Camper.” The tour attracted thousands of participants and ultimately helped highlight social media’s impact on the political landscape.

Beginning with the first presidential debate at Hoftstra University and ending on election night at the Newseum in Washington, D.C., the Campaign Camper made its way across the country. The vehicle was equipped with a video-enabled teleprompter podium that allowed participants to share their election opinions and/or ask candidates questions during live debates (at every debate stop, CNN anchors hosted multiple live interviews from the Campaign Camper). All of the content could be shared on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, a replica CNN news desk allowed participants to “report the news” using Facebook Live.

Adding to the program’s “wow” factor, an Instagram engagement allowed consumers to take a photo that was tinted red, blue or purple based on their political preference. The images were projection-mapped onto the Empire State Building on election night. Yep, that happened.

All of the content generated aboard the Campaign Camper was aggregated on CNN’s Facebook and Instagram pages, where the network could moderate the footage. In the end, the campaign allowed voters to make their voices heard loud and clear, and ultimately reached more than 20 million people.

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