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Citrix Virtual Conference Brings Together Worldwide Audience

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Year: 2009

To launch the XenDesktop to a worldwide audience, including customers and partners, and in order to reach the broadest audience possible with simultaneous impact and cost efficiency, Citrix looked to a virtual environment, or two. It produced two virtual events spaced one week apart to deliver targeted information to two distinct audiences: Citrix partners and customers.

Each event was broadcast across 17 time zones in 108 countries, delivered 15 hours of live event time and included an on-demand period for those who could not attend the day of the event. The virtual conference format included pre-recorded video and simu-live sessions with embedded video, PowerPoint presentations, live Q&A with industry and product experts from Europe and the Americas, moderated chats supporting six languages, blogs and forums. By the end of the program, more than 1,300 attendees had viewed on-demand content and spent an average of 77 minutes engaging inside the virtual environment.

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