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Cisco’s Special Effects Prompt Audience Participation

EDTA 2016_GeneralStage_Cisco1
Brand: CISCO
Agency: TENCUE
Year: 2016

With the theme Full Speed, the general session for Cisco’s GSX FY17 conference for 18,000 members of the company’s sales force needed to “break barriers” and highlight the forward momentum envisioned for the company. Insane A/V elements, coupled with special effects that allowed the audience to become part of the show, broke production barriers, too.

Add to that the barrier-breaking stylings of rapper Lyrics Born and Butterscotch, who played acoustic guitar over loops, while singing and beatboxing simultaneously. Plus, astronaut Mark Kelly’s voice, his story filling the 275,000-square-foot MGM Arena in Las Vegas, talking about traveling faster than sound and breaking the earth’s orbit. And you’ve got a sonic boom—literally. As Kelly spoke the words, “Because if you’re not moving at full speed, you’re not going anywhere,” a seat-shaking “sonic boom” erupted in the arena, supported by a mobile video effect by Offline on all attendees’ devices as every single one of the lanyards around their necks began pulsating with color (they were programmable Xylobands LED lanyards, the largest implementation yet). Before this moment, the audience had no idea that it would become part of the show itself via the most mundane conference item, a lanyard.

Other effects included: a van “flown in” from the rafters which opened to reveal a band playing high-energy surf music, a 32-foot diameter turntable used to announce a Tesla give-away and the largest fog screen installation ever used (every fog screen available in the U.S. was sourced for a total of 120 feet of fog screen that acted as projection surfaces). Supporting the visuals were four curved 16-foot by 53-foot double-sided screens, 16 20K projector stacks and 400 high-power lasers.

Oh yea, we think they got the message.

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