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Cisco’s Olympic Structure Stuns Clients and Partners

Cisco House 2012 Olympics
Brand: CISCO
Year: 2012

With a design that could forever change b-to-b hospitality and a structure that will send creative directors back to their drawing boards, Cisco House—Cisco’s Olympic showplace for the London Games—was the ultimate trendsetter.

The two-story, semi-permanent 20,000-square-foot structure—with excellent sustainability credentials—was built above Europe’s largest urban shopping center, offering incredible views across Olympic Park to Olympic stadium. Its goal was to show business customers and prospects “not what Cisco makes, but what Cisco makes possible,” according to a staffer at the venue.

Cisco House’s lower floor housed flexible meeting spaces equipped with state-of-the-art presentation technology as well as Cisco TelePresence videoconferencing. From a first-class, hotel-style reception, guests enjoyed a walk-through featuring motion-sensing technology. An interactive London skyline and augmented reality experience brought the city to life and explained Cisco’s role in transforming organizations there and beyond.

The heart of Cisco House was the Business Transformation Experience, which took guests on a journey through the London Underground to see diverse businesses transformed by network technology. Three-dimensional projection added depth and excitement to the experience before guests disembarked along the Innovation Tunnel, which connected to a 360-degree theater showing off the potential of technological advances just beyond the horizon. Cisco House impressed media and industry peers, as well as the guests. One client called it “a marketing dream come true,” and customer conversion and lead thresholds all went up.

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