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Cisco Utilizes a Twitter-Based Gamification Strategy

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Brand: CISCO
Year: 2014

Twitter became Cisco’s right-hand man at this year’s Cisco Live conference, the brand’s flagship customer and partner event that spans five days and touches hundreds of thousands of partners, influencers and customers, both in-person and virtually.

Prior to the event, the Cisco Live social media team sent out pre-event teaser tweets, messages and reminders about the event hashtag, to build excitement and anticipation for the event. On-site, Twitter became a direct communication channel as the brand responded quickly to attendee issues posted on Twitter, whether individual or related to the overall event. In addition to posting graphics, content and data tweeted out in real-time as keynotes unfolded, Cisco used Twitter-based gamification strategies to keep the engagement going.

This included the “Yellow Cape” contest, where each day a winner selected by the quality of content tweeted earned “super hero status” and got to wear a branded yellow cape emblazoned with the event hashtag. It was quite the honor, because only four individuals out of the 27,000 people in attendance earned the right to wear the distinctive cape.

The social media effort also connected attendees in person at an arrival Tweetup promoted through pre-event Twitter notifications from the brand and brand advocates. In addition, Cisco Live’s Social Media Hub featured a Twitter leaderboard that encouraged attendees to further engage and win a spot on the screen.

The results: Cisco generated 363 million impressions on Twitter, up 70 percent from 2013, and Cisco Live organically trended nationally on Twitter twice.

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