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Cisco Turns Twitter into a Customer Service Hotline

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Brand: CISCO
Year: 2014

One of the primary goals of Cisco Live, Cisco’s flagship conference, is to grow and strengthen a loyal community of technology professionals who play a role in the evaluation, selection and use of Cisco solutions. To facilitate connections over the five-day event among attendees (both physical and virtual), between the brand and attendees, and between attendees and the event, Cisco implemented a comprehensive social media strategy housed in a physical footprint on the show floor.

Cisco built a Social Media Command Center within a Social Media Hub in a prominent lobby location to monitor real-time engagement opportunities, respond to attendee updates, and promote the Cisco Live (#CLUS) brand. Team members followed and engaged in the conversation on Twitter from the Center, enabling attendees to use Twitter as a customer service or information hotline from their smartphone, and from any location. Attendees often asked for directions to a session, a change in room temperature, or the Wi-Fi password. Each inquiry, complaint and compliment was addressed promptly—to the delight of the attendees.

The Hub became a focal point for attendees to gather, engage, recharge and view the latest social media data prominently displayed on a wall of 42-inch monitors connected contiguously. The Twitter leaderboard encouraged attendees to further engage and win a spot on the screen. Twitter screens bookended the Social Media Hub wall providing a constant stream of attendee Tweets. Attendees commonly sent a Tweet and waited for their update to be displayed on the Social Media Hub monitors or on other Twitter monitors located throughout the event venue. The dedicated monitors in the Social Media Hub and throughout the conference venue highlighted the ongoing conversation surrounding the event triggering more engagement and amplification.

The Cisco Live team proactively scheduled messages on Twitter to communicate key events and information to facilitate attendee navigation through the complex event with over 700 sessions and additional ancillary activities. Cisco offered social media gaming opportunities to further fuel excitement and encourage shared content, including the Yellow Cape contest which rewarded the highest quality social media contributor of the day, and a Scavenger Hunt that drove attendees to amplify selected content locations, or partner with the event and game hashtag.

All told, the Social Media Hub drove 5,419 social engagements including retweets, favorites, replies, Likes, comments and shares, which was 80-percent higher over 2013. Ultimately, attendees became de facto ambassadors of the Cisco brand and the results showed 55 blogs were written and posted by attendees–a 189-percent increase over 2013.

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