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Cisco ‘Rings’ Stock Market Opening Bell Via Webcast

DB_Silver_Cisco_2006 Ex
Brand: CISCO
Agency: IN HOUSE
Year: 2006

Looking to draw greater attention to its listing on NASDAQ, Cisco held the first-ever virtual opening bell ceremony. To kick off trading one day last August, Cisco employees “rang” the stock market’s opening bell via webcast from the company’s headquarters in San Jose, CA. To make it happen, a highly secure IP network was set up especially for the event, and a 37-member team from Cisco gathered more than 2,000 employees for the ceremony, designed to show off a Cisco custom-built computer network.

The employees, all decked out in Cisco t-shirts, could also qualify to win prizes if they were among those who registered to attend the event early. (The first 500 who signed up at the event took home iPods.) Cisco exceeded projections on nearly every level, from the number of employees participating (50 percent more than expected) to media coverage (more than 20 print articles and 23 radio and TV broadcast reports).

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