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Cisco Live Command Center Showcases Social Chatter

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Brand: CISCO
Year: 2013

Talk about mammoth! Cisco Live, Cisco’s flagship event, which in 2013 in Orlando drew 20,000 in-person registrants and more than 135,000 virtual views, is just that. But, with so many attendees, real or otherwise, the challenge is how to monitor and respond to the high volume of comments Cisco receives in order to deliver a personalized conference experience. The answer was social media, which Cisco deployed to create a truly “attendee-aware” event—one where in-person and online attendees felt recognized, could contribute to the event conversation and forged an authentic and ongoing connection with the Cisco brand.

In the run-up to the in-person and virtual events, the Cisco Live team encouraged user-generated content and active sharing across the social media ecosystem to build awareness and generate interest and excitement. Pre-event teasers, messages, and reminders using the event hashtag encouraged engagement. Attendees also could design and vote for the Cisco Live social media t-shirt, which was distributed at the event.

On-site, a Social Media Command Center within a Social Media Hub outside the main trade show floor monitored real-time engagement opportunities, tracked lead generation and promoted the Cisco Live (#CLUS) brand. The sleek, 7,200 square foot Social Media Hub became a focal point for attendees to gather, engage, recharge and view the latest social media data displayed on a wall of 42-inch monitors connected in a seamless display that triggered more conversation, built excitement for speaker sessions and activities and encouraged networking.

With an active on-site engagement and monitoring campaign, the Cisco Live team amplified positive event experiences and sentiment, preempted and triaged potential negative posts and gathered insight on the attendee experience. The social media effort also removed many of the barriers that can alienate virtual participants by drawing them into the high-profile keynotes and other sessions that were broadcast live on Cisco Live 365 (Cisco Live’s year-round virtual community) and uStream. These sessions generate the biggest on-site crowds and are the primary driver of a shared–and memorable–conference experience.

The Cisco team used Cisco’s own SocialMiner tool to monitor and respond to the social stream. SocialMiner allows multiple people in any location to monitor the same stream, enabling a team approach to reviewing busy social stream activity without overlap or confusion. With SocialMiner, the team could respond within three minutes to each mention requiring action and be more proactive in addressing issues that required immediate action. The result was an intimate and memorable connection with Cisco in which the attendees ultimately became defacto ambassadors for the brand.

Cisco Live generated 227 million impressions during the week of the event and 46,000 mentions in social media channels. It even outperformed the Supreme Court of the United States’ ruling in Proposition 8.

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