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Cisco Forum Offers Multi-Level Technical Training

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Brand: CISCO
Agency: IN HOUSE
Year: 2003

The tech company’s in-house-produced Networkers customer conferences, now in their 14th year, provide annual forums where Cisco’s customers gather to receive comprehensive technical training on products, technologies, services and end-to-end business solutions.

The 2002 attendees were offered an array of activities developed as a collaborative effort between the company’s consulting, engineering, technology marketing, customer segment marketing and other global operational units. The result was a robust program that provided a specific, relevant and definitive curriculum with multi-level technical training.

It would have been too easy to make the event a stodgy b-to-b conference, but Cisco put into play a series of elements that kept things fresh, invigorating and fun. From the keynote speech by Chuck Yeager to the partner solutions theater to the Wireless Access Lounge, the content was rich but the environment was light. There were nine international theaters, a Cisco Challenge presented to attendees in game show format and practical demonstrations of new LAN and VoIP products and services.

More than 100 partners were on site with exhibition booths.

The event achieved an overall customer satisfaction rating of 4.46 on a scale up to 5.0, scored an overall event organization satisfaction rating of 4.56, and generated a sense that the brand was being maintained globally by all who attended.

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