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Cisco CIO Summit Goes Green Without Spending Green

DB_Silver_Cisco CIO_2009 Ex
Brand: CISCO
Agency: IN HOUSE
Year: 2009

A lot of brands catering to their VIPs are reluctant to go green because they think they will have to sacrifice luxury. Cisco’s event proves you can have it all.

The CIO Summit, held at the Four Seasons Resort Aviara in Carlsbad, CA, featured organic and local food to minimize the energy it took to get it from the farm to the fork (leftovers were donated to a homeless shelter). Only fair trade coffee and sustainably caught seafood was served. Water pitchers replaced water bottles, box lunches were served in recyclable containers and cloth napkins replaced paper. Eco-touches like soy candles, low-power LED lights and organic cotton tablecloths made from reclaimed wood added to the ambience. Even the eco-friendly rattan recycling bins were stylish enough to fit into the high-end venue.

And since it was a technology crowd, binders full of collateral were replaced with iPod touch devices that were pre-populated with all of the same materials—eliminating 70 percent of paper used at the event.

The c-suite attendees gave the green event a 4.9 out of 5: the highest survey rating in five years, and all earned with no increase in venue cost or food and beverage budget.

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