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Chrysler Activates a Life-Size ‘Snowdoku’ Challenge

Year: 2008

Chrysler created serious buzz for its new Chrysler Aspen SUV with the Chrysler Aspen Snowdoku Challenge, which transformed the traditionally solitary game into a team sporting event played on a giant game board made out of 36,000 pounds of snow and ice.

On the morning of the event six puzzle proficient teams of up to eight members, who registered online and won the chance to play, arrived at Bryant Park in New York City to see how fast they could complete the over-sized Snowdoku puzzle. Eight was the magic number for team size to promote the Aspen’s eight-passenger seating capacity.

Teams competed one at a time, designating one team member to solve the puzzle on a dry erase board while other team members used a special six-foot pencil to place the numbers on the snowy game board. Once the puzzle was complete, all team members had to return to the Chrysler Aspen and shut all the vehicle doors to stop the clock.

In between each round of competition, brand ambassadors showed off the Aspen’s cargo space by storing the six-foot tall pencil inside the vehicle. To keep the energy high while the game was being reset, a dj played music and an emcee pumped up the crowd of passersby. Free hot chocolate, sudoku books, foot-long pencils and vehicle brochures were given out to the crowd.

The event captured local and national media attention, garnering a total of more than 22.1 million impressions, with print and broadcast coverage containing more than half of the key messages per article.

Even more impressive, in the month following the Snowdoku Challenge, sales of the Chrysler Aspen increased by more than 30 percent. The cost per media impression for this program was less than three cents, exceeding the 10-cent-per-impression goal.

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