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Chobani Vehicle Tour Combines Community and Retail

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Year: 2015

Recognizing that a large percentage of U.S. households had yet to taste their first cup of Greek yogurt, Chobani realized that creating memorable and lasting trial experiences was more important than ever. The brand’s solution was to upgrade an existing mobile tour to bring its products to the people in a more meaningful way. 

Hitting the streets between January and October with an evolved program strategy, Chobani tossed its former tour goal of handing out as many cups of yogurt as possible. The new objective: Shift the focus from total product distribution to quality consumer engagements, with an emphasis on product and brand education.

With this initiative in mind, the brand set out on its nationwide tour with stops at 35 hand-selected markets, targeting Millennials and consumers between the ages of 18 and 49 with an emphasis on reaching women. Traveling with two vehicles, each with 26-foot branded trailers in tow, two-person field teams coordinated with local brand ambassadors within each market to bring the Chobani experience to life.

Each stop blended past tour tactics with new, quality engagement-focused elements. Fresh product distribution and social media strategies were implemented. To further boost the experience, coupon distribution was incorporated. In addition to paper coupons, consumers were encouraged to use Twitter or an SMS code to receive a digital coupon that they could print and take to their local grocery store.

Meanwhile, retail integration added its own attraction. Chobani leveraged its partnership with Smoothie King to create additional sampling opportunities on the tour and to promote Smoothie King’s new line of Chobani-infused smoothies. And while a carrot orange Greek yogurt smoothie may not be at the top of your taste-test list, activation participants lapped up the experience.

To wrap up each activation, participants were given an on-site survey to help Chobani gather consumer insights, focusing primarily on brand affinity and purchase likelihood.

The campaign increased average consumer engagement time from 15 seconds to an impressive two minutes, while racking up 6.7 million impressions and a total ROI of $2,572,567. Results for the nationwide tour also yielded a whopping 86 percent purchase likelihood.

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