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Coke Gets Aussie Consumers to Share the Love

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Agency: URBAN
Year: 2012

Australians are known for their friendliness and, apparently, for calling one another by their first names.

Coca-Cola capitalized on those insights for a summertime mall program Down Under. The brand added 150 popular Australian names to its packaging and then invited consumers to “Share a Coke” with Matt, Sarah or Jess. Then, in 18 Westfield malls across Australia, the company provided personalized cans of Coke that shoppers could share with friends. On-site, an interactive zone and personalized can printing station were housed inside of a giant Coke can. Games and challenges that further communicated the sharing theme entertained guests waiting in line for their can. Interactive stations offered the chance to play personalized songs and share virtual Coke cans with friends using a Facebook app.

Despite a stretch of rainy summer weather, five percent more people drank the beverage; transactions increased by three percent and volume increased four percent. More than 376,000 people engaged with the kiosks, exceeding the target by more than 349 percent. The experience achieved 242 p.r. hits, equating to a reach of more than 13 million. It earned media value of almost $500,000 and delivered 1,544 hours of activation. Online, Facebook traffic increased 870 percent and one in 10 Facebook fans shared a virtual Coke can. The experience even sparked one marriage proposal.

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