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Canon’s EXPO Zones Highlight Brand Versatility

DB_Winner_Canon_EDA 2015
Brand: CANON
Year: 2015

You may think of Canon as a camera brand, but as its EXPO program set out to prove, it’s much more than that. Its worldwide exhibition tour, featuring a 161,090-square-foot experience at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City, brought to life the various spaces it operates in, from sports to medicine, broken out into 11 zones. The exhibit weaved in local landmarks and scenery, telling its brand story through an adventure in the Big Apple and its “See Impossible” messaging.

The hub of the experience was Canon Central Park. From this zone, visitors had a 360-degree view of the entire footprint. Suspended above the space was a 16-foot by 16-foot projection cube that featured calls-to-action, seminar schedules and topical videos for each zone.

Each zone had secondary entry and exit points that offered organic wayfinding from one zone to the next. In the Imaging Journey zone, Canon offered a series of immersive rooms showcasing New York photographs from surprising perspectives. The Film Production zone offered two film sets with cameras to test out; intimate dark rooms on the perimeter showcased the resolution of Canon’s 8K technology. The Enterprise Zone recreated the streets of Brooklyn and Wall Street to showcase tools for small and large businesses.

Other zones included Customer Experience, Medical & Wellness featuring Canon’s full offering of medical equipment, complete with a waiting area; the University Zone with telescope and robotic technologies; and the Home Zone with live vignettes and demos. And in the Industry Zone, attendees could immerse themselves in a hotbed of emerging technologies from Mixed Reality to Augmented Reality to advanced scanners.

Finally, in the Stadium zone, there was a 4,500-square-foot Yankee Stadium diorama complete with bleachers and an LED screen showing live footage. This was surrounded by an array of lenses visitors could try out. The backdrop was a 110-foot long by 20-foot high photograph taken using the Canon 5D Mark III and contained 22 billion pixels—making it one of the largest prints ever created. How’s that for product showcasing?

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