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Camel Educates Tobacco Users with High-Tech Trailer

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Year: 2010

There are all sorts of tobacco laws a company like RJ Reynolds must consider before putting cigarettes in people’s hands. So when it came to promoting its Camel Snus smokeless tobacco, the company created the Camel Showcase, a secure environment inside two double-expandable 53-foot trailers open only to legal age adults (IDs required) at music festivals, auto races and other lifestyle events.

The vehicles expanded on both sides into two hydraulically operated eight-foot by 38-foot sections and drew attention with its vibrant blue color and Camel Showcase graphics adorned with additional teardrop banners. A three-foot aluminum LED-lit Camel sign greeted visitors who entered the trailer through a double-door entrance at the rear with a canopy overhead.

The sleek interior included a Product Information Center, back wall displays and mini refrigerators that stored the product. Each product display measured 18-feet by 30-feet and was customized with a brushed aluminum vinyl finish. Visitors first viewed a video introducing Camel Snus and other tobacco offerings shown on 16 mounted screens. Brand ambassadors guided attendees through the experience, which included self-service touch-screen kiosks that captured data from each individual to help identify which RJ products matched their tobacco tastes. Once finished, consumers received a coupon redeemable for products based on their preferences.

The final phase of the experience was an educational sampling session, which concluded with a seat in the Camel Showcase multi-sensory theatre. The state-of-art theatre combined HD with integrated sound, motion and smell. After answering some product quiz questions, winning consumers could select from a stock of prizes like bandanas and sunglasses. Before exiting the trailer, visitors were encouraged to pose in front of the photo backdrop banners. The trailer’s spacious set-up and open layout allowed visitors to enter and exit the vehicle with ease.

The trailer featured a dual zone sound system and Internet access for the numerous kiosks. Strong visuals and touch technology kept the experience not only educational and entertaining, but also resulted in quick throughput on high volume days. And because of the nature of the product category, the brand installed security cameras in the trailers, directly above the sampling bar, to regulate activity.

The two matching vehicles received an average of 560 legal-age consumers per event day reaching a maximum one-day throughput of more than 1,500 qualified participants. The Camel Showcase attended 191 events over a seven-month period and engaged more than 106,000 legal-age adult tobacco users.

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