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Cadillac Aces the High-Impact Event with Golf Hybrid

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Year: 2011

Building on a burgeoning experiential marketing trend, Cadillac is perfecting the art of using event marketing simultaneously for acquisition and retention.

Case in point: Its Golf Innovation Clinics. The events offered a high-exposure, low-pressure environment for 1,000 participants a day—500 in the morning, 500 in the afternoon—who got up-close and personal with the cars, received professional golf instruction and tried out new Callaway golf clubs.

Cadillac built its invite list based on geography, income and enthusiasm for golf. When they arrived, attendees received a nametag with a barcode that synced to their name and email address. After filling out the requisite waivers, they proceeded to a test-drive area, and took a three- to five-minute spin. After breakfast or lunch, it was off to a driving range where they could try out Callaway clubs and check out the full Caddy vehicle lineup. A Cadillac rep welcomed the group, before dividing the participants into 20 smaller groups. (Even with 500 attendees per session, the brand tried to make sure that most of the activity was delivered in groups of 25.)

Those groups headed to the golf course for 20-minute lessons with local Callaway pros, plus hole-in-one and closest to the pin contests. Cadillac product specialists shared info on select vehicles and famed golf instructor David Leadbetter capped the event with a presentation and brief Q&A. On their way out, guests received a branded gift and items from the host golf course, such as gift certificates to the pro shop.

Post-event, attendees received two additional digital videos—a personalized swing analysis by a PGA professional (for those who agreed to complete a post-event survey) and a highlight video featuring the best moments of the day.

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