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Budweiser Draws Millennials With ‘Zombie Apocalypse’

DB_Budweiser_Millennial_EX 2017
Agency: MOTIVE
Year: 2017

In an effort to boost positive sentiment among 24- to 35-year-olds who typically drink craft beer, Budweiser activated a series of Denver-based events that treated millennials to an entirely new take on the Halloween season—a fictitious Budweiser Bottling Plant turned pop-up party… for the undead. The brand’s “Fear Fest” program ultimately attracted 7,000 target attendees across four nights of activations, generating more than 90,000 earned media impressions.

The program kicked off two weeks before the live events, overtaking malls, NFL tailgates, hundreds of on- and off-premise accounts, the nation’s largest Zombie Crawl and other haunted experiences. Radio stations, Facebook, online media outlets and billboards invited millennials across Denver to Budweiser’s Fear Fest, the “ultimate afterlife after party.”

For two consecutive weekends, thousands of experience-chasing millennials braved “ground zero of the zombie outbreak,” navigating a zombie-infested front office that included a ravenous “cast” hidden amid employee locker rooms, corner offices and cubicles. Those that “survived” were led to an experiential warehouse space overrun by zombies, as well as a “terrifying” Boomerang booth that captured their terror. Hollywood-quality special effects amped up the authenticity of the experiences.

It all led to the night’s biggest moment: Stacked atop a mountain of Budweiser cases and stray limbs, the brand created the ultimate dj booth where headliners Ghostface Killah and Raekwon presided over the zombie apocalypse—and some killer beer sales.

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