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Budweiser Big Rig Puts Tech in the Driver’s Seat

DB_EX_Anheuser-Busch music_2005 Ex
Year: 2005

Seven plasma screens, eight LCD monitors, six touch-screen kiosks, 17 computers, 26 speakers and 45 headphones? We’re just getting started, playa. The double-deck trailer has 48 hydraulic cylinders, two hinge-down decks, a hinge-down stage, swing-out walls and twin expandables that pivot as they slide for a unique look.

Anheuser-Busch set out to build its newest branding vehicle with three goals: One, build an immersion into music that would command a presence wherever it was but be nimble enough for mid-size music and concert venues. Two, maintain the “wow factor” of Bud World but cut set-up and breakdown times substantially. Three, create a rig that could provide consumer experiences and b-to-b hospitality events at the same time.

Visitors gain access to the rig by registering at All-Access kiosks that print personalized backstage photo passes. PIN codes printed on the passes are swiped to activate interior experiences, allowing Bud to monitor behavior and control throughput. Above the rig is a stadium-sized large-format Barco Wall monitor, broadcasting videos streamed from cameras throughout the truck. (Each interactive has a time limit.) “This is not just another truck,” says Mark Greenspahn, A-B’s director-contemporary event marketing. “This signals a new era of using emerging technology in mobile marketing.”

In the Be the Band Experience, guests pick a soundtrack from four genres and pick up real instruments to play along. The cool part: Embedded technology plays all the right notes, even when users strum the wrong chords or hit the cymbal instead of the snare. The activities extend up to the vehicle’s roof, where four guitar and two drum stations provide more music-making opportunities and a 30-foot telescopic TowerCam hovers around the vehicle to capture video for the Jumbotron and the venue’s own stadium monitors.

“The overall totality of this experience is huge,” says Spark ceo Mike O’Neill. “This is totally immersive, and it can be used at varying levels within the selling channel.”

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