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Brooks Sports Ties Exhibit Experiences with Data

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Agency: 5CELSIUS
Year: 2013

Brands have mastered the art of collecting baseline data such as email, phone numbers and minor demographic information from consumers visiting an experience. At this year’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Running Expo, however, Brooks Running Company, known for providing custom fittings of shoes for runners, was able to collect enough information to develop entire profiles of each visitor of the Run Happy Island experience—amid crazy high traffic, at that. And the brand did it without interrupting the experience. Rather, the rich data collection tied seamlessly to each interaction within the footprint.

The main objective of this tropical-themed experience, part of a three-year-long traveling campaign, was to move shoes and build brand loyalty. The experience began when visitors entered Run Happy and were greeted at the “Customs” booth. There, visitors signed up through a custom iPad interface, entering basic demographics and finishing off with supplementary survey questions to gauge interests. All of this data was stored on a local server to instantly create a general-lead profile of the user. This profile was maintained by a custom QR code attached to each consumer’s Run Happy Island “passport” which they took through each station within the 6,000-square-foot booth.

Experiences included the Run Happy Island Submarine, where visitors received a free gait analysis through the iPad-based program and ClearGait, a sales tool that measures each runner’s unique gait and uses the information to recommend a specific shoe just for that consumer. After the consumers filled out the digital on-screen waiver, answered some quick questions regarding their training level, miles run per week, arch height and foot width, they were ready to get their gait analyzed. The iPad’s camera feature was used to record the runner in real-time, which could be done either by hand or by placing the ClearGait-enabled iPad in a custom stand situated behind the treadmill. The runner was able to see the entire process on an HDTV mounted in front of the treadmill. After 10 seconds of recording, the Brooks employee measured the foot-landing angle of the runner’s leg directly on the screen and provided the runner with an instantaneous analysis of his or her personal gait.

This personalized analysis connected to the Brooks Running shoe database and the employee was able to quickly and efficiently suggest which Brooks shoe was best for the runner. Shoe recommendations, along with personalized notations on a runner’s gait, were then emailed to the runner for later access, which also served as a lead-generation tool for Brooks. The new system replaced Brooks Running’s paper lead collection system, which was expensive and error prone, and it also led to a boost in shoe sales at Run Happy Island by 50 percent.

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