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Bosch Wows Retailers with a Virtual Reality Venture

Brand: BOSCH
Year: 2014

Bosch wanted to be seen as an industry innovator, not just in its product offerings, but also in the way it reached potential customers. To raise awareness and sales of Bosch’s Gasoline Direct Injection systems (GDI) and Quiet Cast Brakes, the brand launched the Bosch Xperience Mobile Tour. The tour targeted Bosch-Authorized retailers and drove awareness about the benefits of Bosch technology and the compatibility with most foreign and domestic automobile brands by leveraging one of the year’s hottest tech tools.

The centerpiece of the six-month tour was a 10-minute Oculus Rift virtual reality experience. The engagement allowed the viewer to get sucked into the engine of a moving car through the grill, travel through the entire engine system and get ultimately deposited back onto the road through the exhaust. The viewer was then placed into another moving vehicle where they got to see the mechanics of a braking system as the car goes through an emergency-braking situation. The VR experience was followed by a 15-minute classroom session, led by a Bosch-trained instructor.

The wow factor of the technology meant attendees paid closer attention to content and retained more information about the brand and the product, while seeing the brand as a tech leader. Word spread quickly about the mobile tour and the brand had very high levels of participation when compared against other marketing and training tactics used in the past. The brand averaged more than 95 percent success in capturing an email address per participant.

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