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Bosch Tour Hammers Home Job Site Safety

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Brand: BOSCH
Agency: SWITCH
Year: 2017

“Bad workers always blame their tools,” as the saying goes, and with that pain point in mind, Bosch revamped its mobile Power Tour in 2016 in an effort to increase both sales of its products and overall job site safety. Taking a tailored approach, the brand traveled to key construction sites across the U.S. and Canada to meet tradesmen—specifically, plumbers, concrete workers, electricians, carpenters and steel workers—in the very places Bosch tools would be used in order to put the right items in the right hands at the point of need. With a 35 percent sales increase over the brand’s 2015 Power Tour, we’d say the brand’s messaging was, ahem, hammered home.

Bosch spent three weeks in each of 12 total markets, directly targeting construction sites in order to provide a value proposition to laborers without disrupting their daily workflow. To that end, two weeks in each market were spent educating users on job site safety and Bosch’s product portfolio, and one was spent on driving sales at points of distribution. The one thing the brand was sure to avoid? Gimmicky sales pitches. Instead, interactions focused on how Bosch products can help create a more secure work environment.

The Bosch Power Truck provided the setting for the majority of the Power Tour experience. Hands-on displays allowed attendees to demo the brand’s featured products, like a built-in wall for testing Bosch’s measuring tools (because you can’t always demo tools like that in the store). A footprint just outside the truck included more product displays under covered tents and provided tour managers more space to conduct safety demos for the Dustless Drill, Reaxx Table Saw and other items. Attendees followed along from comfy Bosch chairs.

To show appreciation for those who participated in the experience, Bosch provided workers with free, branded safety vests, along with other merchandise—useful premiums that, no doubt, kept Bosch top of mind at the job site for weeks or months to come. Participants also had the opportunity to win a new Dodge Ram by completing a survey asking for their contact information, occupation and the option to receive future communications from Bosch, Ram trucks and Yamaha generators.

The 2016 Power Tour was booked every single day thanks to interest from safety advisors at the various job sites the brand visited and organic word-of-mouth sharing. Results included 5,663 completed surveys, and of the tour’s 12,484 total attendees, 26 of the top contractors in the U.S. were included. We’d call that staying power.

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