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Boeing ‘s Eco-Friendly Tech Takes Flight at Air Show

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Year: 2009

Environmental consciousness isn’t just the new imperative for automakers. The commercial aviation industry is under the microscope, too, and looking for ways to cut carbon and create alternative fuels. To give its industry’s environmental message wings (and to sell a few planes in the process), Boeing last year targeted U.S. and U.K. government officials and decision-makers at the 2008 Farnborough Air Show, one of aviation’s premier global events. Inside a glossy white exhibit space enlivened by bright color blocks and backlit walls, Boeing educated key customers on the importance of incentivizing the technological innovations that will enable the aviation industry to be both consumer- and earth-friendly in the years to come.

Visitors entered the exhibit through a curved hallway that led into a glowing blue room that acted as a transitional space between the noise of the airshow outside and the calm of the Boeing experience. Once inside, visitors traveled across gleaming white floors to wall displays in five different colors, each representing one of the exhibit’s five main topic areas: continuous innovations, renewable energy, sustainable biofuels, noise reduction technologies and air traffic system efficiency. Visitors could meander from zone to zone and explore each piece of the eco-conscious story via a variety of displays like lightbox walls, timelines, models, working demos of technologies, tanks containing algae at different stages of growth, interactive touchscreens and video highlight reels. Each subject area featured technology demos staffed by senior subject matter experts from Boeing who use the technologies in real-time.

“Like many other companies, Boeing must find meaningful ways to communicate with its target audiences on the topic of the environment. And as a company with a brand rooted in innovation, the story—and the exhibit space itself—needed to embody the power of technology, not just carry that message forward,” says Laura Henderson, marketing manager-environment at Boeing. “Through the use of light, sound, color and a compelling interactive experience, the exhibit space allowed us to communicate about complex topics in a manner that was credible, true to our brand DNA and inspiring, evoking a sense of optimism about the future.”

As a result of its presence at the event, more than 20 top customers (representing billions of dollars in future aircraft sales) experienced the exhibit. And as an added bonus Boeing environmental strategy experts were invited by the Obama administration’s transition team earlier this year to discuss ways to promote sustainable biofuel options for the industry. Now if they could just make the seats more comfortable…

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