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Boeing Dreamspace Exhibit Results in Sky-High Sales

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Agency: 141 WORLDWIDE
Year: 2005

If the 787 Dreamliner was going to be received as the big, bold, revolutionary product Boeing knew it was, the company would need to present the plane in a big, bold, revolutionary way at the annual Farnborough Air Show, the aviation industry’s largest event. Not only was Boeing rolling out a new plane, but it was introducing a new brand image, which meant there was a lot riding on the program. “If we were too brand-focused, we’d lose sales. If we were too sales-oriented, we’d lose opportunities to leverage the brand,” says Steve Haro, Boeing Commercial Airplanes’ director-brand marketing.

Instead of taking exhibit space inside, Boeing carved out an area on the show’s exterior tarmac. The result was Dreamspace, a futuristic immersion taking place inside an inflatable shell. Guests experienced the exhibit via several branded zones. The journey began in the Where Dreams Begin area, which celebrated flight and showcased images from Boeing’s past. In the Where Dreams Fly zone, visitors explored a fleet built to one-fortieth scale. A variety of self-service displays linked to short PowerPoint presentations allowed visitors to direct their own demos, letting them fast forward or reverse as needed. They controlled the experience.

In the Where Dreams Lead zone, guests explored an interior cross-section of the Dreamliner and watched a virtual tour of the craft. And The Dream Team zone highlighted the partners and people who made the Dreamliner a reality.

After the show was over, Boeing stayed in Farnborough a little longer. Looking to get consumers buzzing too, the company opened up Dreamspace to the general public for two days, allowing 7,500 people to come in for a look at the future of aviation.

The ROI was sky high: 126 orders for Dreamliners were placed, representing $15 billion (with a b) in sales. Net orders jumped 14 percent over 2003 to 272 airplanes.

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