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BMW Pop-Up Features Digital Tools and Simple Design

DB_BMW_2015 Ex
Brand: BMW
Agency: SET
Year: 2015

Shoppers passing by BMW’s i8 pop-up store in California’s South Coast Plaza last year could easily have mistaken the shop for an Apple store. The cool, clean and highly digitized shop was reminiscent of the technology giant’s barebones style, which is exactly what BMW is aiming for with its new Future Retail initiative, which focuses on digital tools and a simple design that lets customers easily investigate the brand.

With its sights set on attracting Millennials, BMW created its first-ever North American pop-up space, an environment that supported the generation’s lifestyle and passion for stimulating experiences.

To reconcile those influences while spotlighting its revolutionary electric hybrid sports car, BMW implemented a mix of art, science and innovation. Taking design cues from the late German modernist architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and showcasing art from a local museum, the brand simultaneously incorporated interactive elements. A flat screen car configuration panel allowed consumers to digitally customize their own vehicle, while an intricate display of more than 5,000 LED lights responded to movement as visitors walked around, evoking the energy and speed of the car.

So what happens when you blend art, science and innovation inside a pop-up space? Plenty. Although the installation lasted four months, it attracted 85,000 consumers within the first 10 weeks, bringing in 2,400 visitors on its busiest day.

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