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BASF Tour Brings Global Topics to the Local Level

Brand: BASF
Agency: VOK DAMS
Year: 2016

The Creator Space Tour traveled to six cities on four continents, bringing to life chemical company BASF’s “co-creation” campaign, a corporate innovation and sustainability program launched to celebrate the company’s 150th anniversary and raise awareness of BASF around the world. Multi-sensory, hands-on “co-creation” engagements at each stop addressed city-specific challenges around the themes of food, energy and urban living with a diverse group of stakeholders. Creative workshops, inspirational keynote speakers, 24-hour “creatathons,” live workshops and movie nights executed by local teams deepened the engagements and were captured on social media.

Local teams executed the events around locally relevant hot topics such as clean water accessibility in Mumbai, food loss avoidance in São Paulo, responsible food consumption in Barcelona, how our lifestyles impact the planet in Shanghai, smart energy in BASF’s headquarters in Ludwigshafen, Germany, and climate change in New York City, all while communicating a consistent BASF brand message. An international team ensured the consistency and quality of content and execution. Each stop lasted from five to seven days with two months in between stops.

Close cooperation between global teams and local experts, clients, partners and suppliers ensured the tour’s success, a prime example of thinking globally and acting locally. The set-up was efficient, with transport crates that transformed into furniture and wall dividers for a look that appeared fresh and effortless at each location. The tour garnered an enormous response on social media, in online discussions and media clicks, including five million views of video clips from the tour on YouTube.

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