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Bacardi Makes Noise at New York City Lounge

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Year: 2009

Bacardi B-Live was the bash all the cool kids wanted to attend summer 2009. Taking over venues in 23 cities, Bacardi treated consumers to a fully immersive branded club experience with music icons as well as emerging artists, including DJs Jazzy Jeff, Tiga and Steve Porter, who mixed beats on stage with a giant old school boom box as the backdrop. Its key target was 21- to 29-year-old men who are into technology, social media and parties, especially at nightclubs.

Bacardi used Facebook and Twitter to help drive people online to buy tickets as well as download posters, badges and ringtones. On event night, the B-Live bus was parked outside the venue to draw attention and at the entrance guests exchanged their tickets for Bacardi tokens. At the bar a Bacardi mixologist identified drinkers’ “flavor profiles” and customized a cocktail to match. Other fun activities included customized t-shirt silk-screening and a gift shop where attendees could cash in their tokens for cool swag.

B-Live generated $15.3 million in media value, an increase from the prior year’s $2.5 million. The event was so popular that the Independent Film Channel shot five B-Live concerts in HD, creating segments that aired on TV and online.

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