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Bacardi Lets Consumers Cast ‘Likes’ for Experiences

Year: 2011

The event industry has a case of “experiential crowdsourcing” fever. For as long as most marketers can remember, all of the decisions about what a campaign would look like, where it would go and what consumers would experience were made in a conference room. But to keep pace with today’s empowered consumers who are increasingly used to creating their own experiences, marketers are turning over the reins and allowing audiences to impact product development, event content, creative and the overall experience.

At a time when marketers are talking non-stop about relevant experiences, experiential crowdsourcing guarantees relevancy as the target audience molds and shapes the marketing. Bacardi took the concept to the next level with its “Like It Live, Like It Together” campaign by utilizing social media feedback to amplify the program and ultimately drive each event’s shape, activities and execution. The rum brand’s “social media crowdsourcing” strategy brought fans’ Facebook “likes” to life and transformed each figurative thumbs up into real life experiences for thousands of fans at events in New York and Las Vegas last June.

Clicking on the “like” button provided a voting mechanism for consumers to voice their choice for favorite cocktails, music, food, leisure activities and entertainment. The more “likes” in each category, the more chances it would have of being selected for the event. Tickets to the events were made available through its Facebook fan page. So what did fans vote for? New York’s Terminal 5 was the host on June 13 to a concert featuring performances by headliner Kid Cudi along with Aloe Blacc, DJ Irie, Eklips and others. Pizza was the snack of choice and Bacardi-based drinks (naturally) flowed like water. Bacardi asked fans whether they like old school video games or new school video games. Old school rocked the vote so attendees played 1980’s-era games like Ms. Pac Man and Galaga.

A half-pipe on stage featured skateboarders and BMX bikers doing tricks and a t-shirt press on the roof gave consumers a chance to make their own custom t-shirts. In Las Vegas on June 15, Marquee played host to an indoor-outdoor event also hosted by DJ Irie but with a slightly different mix of artists like Travis Barker, Mix master Mike and headliner CeeLo Green.

Both events featured Playboy Bunnies having pillow fights on platforms near the dance floor. Because that’s what you get when you ask consumers what they want.

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