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Bacardi Flavors Take Consumers Around the World

Year: 2010

Imagine going around the world in one night without ever leaving town, and instead of a suitcase in your hand you get to carry a tasty Bacardi cocktail. That’s the experience Bacardi served up—along with a Bacardi Flavor Bar and some pretty juicy drinks—to generate buzz for Bacardi Flavored Rum among African-American male consumers, ages 25-34.

Demographic focus groups revealed that Bacardi’s aspirational, travel-seeking core consumers would enjoy tasting the rums in a unique setting, and that’s exactly what Bacardi delivered in eight U.S. cities in 2009. Each Bacardi Flavored Rum was paired with an exotic location as guests “toured” Bacardi Brazil, Bacardi Monte Carlo, Bacardi Tokyo, Bacardi Jamaica or Bacardi Paris. These flavor destinations featured specialty Bacardi cocktails, regional culinary dishes and interactive cultural experiences.

Brand ambassadors at each event checked in attendees at a futuristic entrance and offered teaser maps with clues to the destinations and activities they would be exploring. Guests experienced up to three rooms at each venue. Those visiting the south of France found risk-free gaming in a plush Monte Carlo setting. Brand ambassadors taught guests to play blackjack, roulette, craps and poker as the music pulsed and the Bacardi Double O with Sprite flowed. In Bacardi Brazil, inspired by South America’s Carnaval festival, sexy samba dancers performed while guests sampled Bacardi Limon cocktails, toured a Brazilian open-air market and limboed the night away. Tokyo combined high-tech with old-world Japanese décor as guests sampled Bacardi Peach Red cocktails, sang Karaoke and played racing games. The Paris room served up crepes and 3D movies. Jamaica, a sunny beach vibe.

“Bacardi Flavor Exchange was so successful because guests actively discovered the flavors of Bacardi Flavored Rum in a unique and engaging environment that not only transported them to exotic and enticing locations, but educated them on the mixability and intrinsics of the flavors,” says Jason Dyke, Brand Manager at Bacardi. “A perfect example of the consumer engagement and education was the Limon Brazil room. Guests were transported to Brazil via the steel drums, dancers, Latin food and bold beautiful colors, all while learning that the perfect complements to Bacardi Limon are fruit juices and lemon-lime soda.”

Thanks to a two-week teaser campaign, the events generated positive response before the first event took place. Not only did the program increase brand affinity among its target consumers, sales of the rums increased in each participating market. Surveys revealed the campaign created positive impressions with 97 percent of attendees and 88 percent purchase intent.

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